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N-Motion Entertainment LLC is an entertainment company that has a focus on promoting and providing entertainment events for mature adults on a local, regional, and national level.  N-Motion Entertainment aims to connect with the adult looking for quality entertainment events.  N-Motion Entertainment want to be competitive and a leader in the entertainment industry.  With the lack of contemporary music over the airwaves, it has become increasingly more important for live appearances of contemporary artists.  N-Motion has specialized in providing live music performances with local and national artists.   


Besides  promoting and providing quality and classy events for the mature audiences,  N-Motion will also plan your your event or special occasion.  We have event planning staff on hand that will plan your event based on your needs for all occasions.  With access to DJ's, bands, vocalists, solo artists, photographers, and caterers we can cover all your special event needs.  Don't let your entertainment questions or needs go unanswered, reach out to N-Motion Entertainment for all of your entertainment or event needs.  


N-Motion Entertainment has added a new product to their list of services, N-Motion Live Sound.  For more information please check the services tab. 




June 2014 - Jazz Intervention Project featuring Walter Beasley

For tickets go to http://walterbeasley.bpt.me/ or Dorsey's (412) 731-6607 and Stedeford's (412) 321-8333


N-Motion Entertainment presents Jazz Intervention Project featuring Walter Beasley.  For more information see events calendar. 

Peters Twp High School Jazz Band and California University of Pa Jazz Band performs at Jazz Intervention



N-Motion Entertainment has identified the need to sustain live music, especially jazz here in the city of Pittsburgh and in general. Jazz Intervention, a project that was developed with the purpose of having students being a part of actual live jazz events. Our belief is a significant way to maintain the existence of live music and jazz is to have our youth personally introduced and included in real live music and jazz activities. The goal is to provide situations that will be inspirational and further the music growth for the young musician. The Jazz Intervention title was created to show the intent of N-Motion Entertainment's input in the local jazz community. Based on today's popular music, it was decided by N-Motion Entertainment that intervention was needed on behalf of jazz and live music.


N-Motion Entertainment has started Jazz Intervention, a music project that will occur the last Sunday of the month starting in February and ending in May that will be followed by a concert in mid June with a national jazz artist. These monthly mini concerts will include two high schools jazz ensembles each month. Each jazz ensemble will perform 30 - 40 minutes per event.  

N-Motion Entertainment's newest artist - SAVANNAH WIGGINS

Savannah Wiggins

Smooth Jazz Holiday 2013 @ Latitude 40

Elan Trotman, Brian Edwards, & John Hall
Elan Trotman & John Hall

Saxophonist Eric Darius entertains at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts party


By Kate Benz

Published: Sunday, July 28, 2013, 9:00 p.m.
Updated: Sunday, July 28, 2013

If ever there were a time to prove that the saxophone can indeed rock the house, it came during a South Beach Party at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts on July 27.

The man responsible for bringing some serious soul to the crowd of 200 was musician Eric Darius, who has shared the stage with Carlos Santana, Prince, George Benson and Brian McKnight, all by the tender age of “20-something.”

As far as the theme goes, that was put into motion by host Shawn Hopson (with Lisa), who blamed his love of “Miami Vice” for inspiring the atmosphere.

“Many people in Pittsburgh don't get to experience that kind of environment, so I thought, ‘Why not bring that environment to Pittsburgh?' ” he said.

Amongst the crowd were the evening's trio of honorees — Soul Pitt Media prexy Donna Baxter, Pittsburgh Jazz Network founder Dr. Nelson Harrison and Bill Peduto — and mistress of ceremonies Debbie Norrell, Skylor Massie, Betty Hunter, Chip Hawkins, Gerri Coffee, Lisa Mesha and Terri Epps.


Here are some of the notable artists that N-Motion Entertainment has previously worked with.